Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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The YA Triquetra Doorway!! Damon had followed walker up the hill. He knew the vamp knew that he followed. He was waiting for him to stop, so that he could talk to him. The fact that he could still follow him was a testament that the vamp wasn’t trying to get away from him. If he had been—nothing would have stopped him. 

No one moved as fast as a vamp.

Not even a Jaguar. And Damon hadn’t reached his majority yet. He wouldn’t until he was nearly twenty-five. He scowled at this.

It was difficult to wait for that—especially when his best friend had always had his powers.

But Walker had never acted as if he were somehow special for having powers. Nor had he treated Damon any differently than he’d treated anyone else. It didn’t seem to matter to him—one way or another.

Yet—it was Damon’s fault that they had gone after the vamp they now had locked in the cave—and they both knew it.

Realm of the Jaguar Witch

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